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meet the artist

Hey Y'all,

my name’s enderby
(END-er-bee) and I make super lightweight glitter art jewelry accessible to all ears!

i offer clip-ons, gauge clips, hooks, studs, and non-metal hooks (and soon non-metal clip-ons!) because i believe everyone should be able to wear whatever makes them feel confident! i want to share my art with everyone, so come see me one day!

Where I'll Be,

Cons & Markets:


  • Dec 1st - Chattanooga X Festival, TN
  • Dec 8th-10th - YamaCon, Pigeon Forge TN


  • Jan. 5th-7th - Animate! Raleigh NC
  • Feb. 23rd-25th - ConNooga, Chattanooga TN
  • July 5th-7th - AnimeMidwest, Chicago IL
  • and more to come!

I hope you enjoy my art and please feel free to contact me with your questions, requests, and reviews!


okay hiiiii

if you scrolled this far you must be kinda interested,, so let me tell you about me
im 22, a current college dropout (i might go back... one day), and the first thing youll hear about me is my laugh ;p
i started making resin earrings in 2020 during peak pandemic boredom, as everyone else who recently started a small biz did. up till that point i was a mostly traditional artist, but very much a jack of all trades. the gremlin inside me still collects all the crafting supplies i can bc "im sure i can do something with it". but luckily for me, that "something" has turned into a 3 year passion for making super cute, super glittery, and super comfy earrings.
i now have an encyclopedias worth of knowledge about glitter in my brain, so if you ever want to hear me rant about how much i despise semi-fine-semi-round glitter, just dm me!